About Us

Company Overview

Stick Noodle

Khaw Tai Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a noodles manufacturer specializes ODM and OEM in various type of Noodles including Dry Noodle, Instant Noodle, Steamed Dried Noodle, Stick Noodle, Wheat Flour Vermicelli and more since 1975.

Our Vision


Be our customer's first choice for best-in-class industrial and manufacturing noodle products by providing exceptional service and value.

Our Mission


We commit to the adoption of new technology and provide our employee the proper career development opportunity to achieve competitive advantage in the market.

Business structure

Noodles Manufacturer

All Khaw Tai's products are manufactured at Khaw Tai Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. occupying a total land area of approximately 2.5 acres of industrial land.

Innovation and Resource Planning

Continuously research and development efforts in seeking new technology to increase the efficiency and qualify of production output.

Marketing & Sales Representative

6 Salesman and 10 Marketing Staff working out of the head office and branch establish the business report with our clients through the efforts is an intangible assets that is extremely important.

Expansion and Investment

20% in the yearly budget to expand the plant area and invest a new business to meet with the increasing demand in the foreseeable future.


Our retail partnership follows the customer-first business strategy and runs individually.


Supplying the best price to the restaurant those fulfilled our cooperate vision and mission.